Electric co-ops prove vital to economy

Electric co-ops have typically been associated with non-renewable types of energy, but that is quickly changing. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association reported that co-ops have increased renewable energy by 145% since 2010. Additionally, more than 90% of electric co-ops provide electricity from renewables like solar.

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"These new broadband laws with provisions tailored to each state recognize the important role electric co-ops play in upholding the economic health, education and well-being of their consumer-members," said Brian O’Hara, NRECA regulatory issues director for telecom and broadband.

The Mondragn Co-operatives are an economic model commonly cited by Co-operative Individualists, and a lot of the Co-operative Individualist literature deals with these societies. This one in Spain has drawn so much attention because in 2010 it was the seventh-largest corporation.

Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time vital for rural economic development, increasing the productivity of traditionally rural industries like agriculture and resource extraction and supporting the diversification of rural economies into other activities, such as manufacturing, services, health care and technology. A new report on the nationwide economic impact of electric cooperatives

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According to Victory Electric, Co-ops Vote is a nonpartisan campaign focused on boosting voter turnout in areas served by cooperatives and educating voters and policymakers on issues important to rural Kansans.

Since electric co-ops emerged, we have provided more value than just supplying the necessary access to electricity. That was and still is vital for rural economic development and for increasing the productivity of traditionally rural industries like agriculture and resource extraction.

For decades, America’s electric co-ops have played a vital role in the U.S. economy. Electric co-ops were built by and belong to the consumers they serve, and they are locally-engaged in their communities, driving economic activity, and fostering development.

NRECA Cooperatives Promote Efficiency Electric cooperatives see increasing efficiencies on both sides of the meter as key to addressing the challenge of growing demand and rising costs.

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History & Facts On May 11, 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order #7037 that created the rural electrification administration (rea) for the purpose of securing financing to build transmission lines and distribution lines to provide electric power to the rural areas.